AdventistGiving is a program created by the North American Division to provide a way for church members to be able to return tithe and give offerings electronically.  AdventistGiving allows church members to return tithes and give offerings online while they do their online banking, are on a long business trip, are on vacation, or even when they are unable to attend church due to an illness.

The AdventistGiving program is written and supported by employees of the North American Division.  Church members in the US may give using credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks.  Credit card donations are the only method of payments accepted from Canada.  The AdventistGiving program was made available for churches to enroll in 2006.  Enrollment increases every month and there are already well over a thousand churches actively using the program.  Also, more than 10,000 members give online each month.

Information about AdventistGiving can be found on the following links:

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The North American Division collects member donations then twice each month creates a report for each church.  This report contains information about all member donations itemized by date and type of offering or tithe given since the last report.  A deposit is sent to each church bank account equal to the total on the report.  Reports are posted to the individual church treasurer’s AdventistGiving account, and treasurers can sign into their accounts to view and download them at their convenience.

Members create their own member accounts by going to an enrolled church’s website and clicking on the link for ‘Online Giving.’  Members have one account and can use this account to give to one or more churches.   Each time a member wishes to give they must go to the church website they wish to give to and log into their member account through that church’s ‘Online Giving’ link.  Members may select to give in the following categories:

  • Tithe
  • Conference Offerings – these offerings are designated by each conference for the churches in their territories
  • Local Offerings – these offerings are designated by each local church when they enroll in AdventistGiving
  • World Offerings – there are several hundred offerings to choose from, these offerings are designated by the North American Division

Members can save one or more payment types (credit/debit card and/or electronic checking information) into an ewallet so they don’t need to type this information each time they want to give.   Privacy and security are top priorities in the AdventistGiving program and state-of-the-art security measures are in place so members can be assured that the information they save is always secure.

There are no fees charged by the North American Division for this service.  The only fees are those charged by the payment vendors.  AdventistGiving negotiates the lowest possible fees for online giving.  The costs are shared by the local conference (70%), union conference (10%), North American Division (10%) and General Conference (10%).  Electronic checks cost about 16 cents.  Credit and debit cards have higher costs at about 1.4% of the amount given.  It is preferred that members use electronic checks whenever possible to keep fees at a minimum for the organizations that bear the costs